Public / Community Art

Brenda Leigh has been a muralist her entire career working in a variety of places and mediums; private homes, public works, and inside commercial buildings. In the last few years, Brenda has focused on public art in her community of Stuart on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast. You can’t drive through the city without seeing one of Brenda’s many public art installations.

This joy for public art began when she came to Stuart in 2000. Compared to the plentiful public art seen in places she used to live, Stuart was barren of art for the community to enjoy. So her passion pushed her to begin offering public art in Stuart, mostly for free and just for fun.

Her first project was the Bandshell in Memorial Park, followed by more murals throughout downtown Stuart. Each project was unique and presented its own challenges. Through each new art project, she honed her skills as a large-scale muralist. She didn’t charge a lot while she learned and never turned down an opportunity. Due to her generosity and creativity, many opportunities came her way. 

Brenda’s art projects are unique because she loves incorporating the local community into the work. She says “Along the way, I learned that when I involved the public in my projects, inviting volunteers to join in, the work became better and more interesting. The more I share with others, the better my work has become.”